PMx Sequential Samplers

The PMx sequential samplers Mod. Giano and Gemini were designed and realized by Dado lab to be more practical, easier to transport and with user friendly interface compared to other available solutions.

The common heart to both models is the multi-purpose core unit (MPC) which manages the sequential sampling on a single or double channels.

The MPC particular concept allows both outdoor cabinet solution or the 19” rack installation in shelters or mobile labs.

Particular attention was paid to the systems engineering with the target to reduce the number of the parts, which increases the reliability and reduces the size and weight infact, Giano and Gemini weight only 35 kgs without considering the pump/s and support stand.

The MPC and the outdoor cabinet are designed to have forced internal air recirculation which helps to keep the ventilation tube, filter under sampling and exposed samples at ambient temperature.

The optional air conditioning unit, required for applications where ambient temperature values can be particularly high, keeps the filters area temperature below 25°C in case of ambient temperature exceeds 25°C.

The air conditioning unit is placed below the cabinet and offer the advantage to give high cooling performances. Despite other solutions, the air conditioniong system doesn’t require special protections or insulations for the filters tanks, which can still be easily accessed and changed on the field.


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